Clases privadas de cocina

Are you coming to Madrid?
Would you like to experience the local food culture? Are you a foodie or an adventurous gourmand?

My name is Arantxa Lamas (aka Gastrolamas), I was born and breed in Madrid where I trained to be a professional chef at the prestigious cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. I specialised in Spanish food and I just love to show visitors or expats how to cook easy traditional recipes, I have been sharing my love for cooking with travellers for the past 4 years. 

So call me next time you are in Madrid and I will go to your place to teach you and your only worry would be to choose the recipes you want to learn! 

Prices start at 25€ per hour and classes last minimum 3 hours. Depending on the difficulty we will be able to cook 2 to 4 different recipes in that given time.

Prices include:
Ingredients needed
Shopping for all ingredients 
Any kind of previous preparations (should it be needed)
Teaching of the recipes
Light tidying up of the kitchen (leaving it as found)
Written recipes in English sent to your email after class

So please have a look at the recipes list or ask about your favourite ones even if you can't find them in the list and I will send you an estimate.

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